Masterdata Administrator



Mars Wrigley Confectionery is the world’s leading manufacturer of chocolate, chewing gum, mints, and fruity confections.


Looking for a temporary worker until end of year to help us in our global ocean freight control tower project to streamline all the masterdata into one file and make sure this data is accurate and complete. On top of that it is about maintaining this data and handling any changes or additions to the data.

  • Manage the master data from different sources into one usable overview that can be loaded in a ocean freight control tower platform
  • Manage any masterdata changes and handle the change requests, determine actions required (depending on the change type: add new customer, data changes, 3rd party changes, new ocean freight lanes)
  • Gather any extra inputs not in the original request (either from users and potentially some directly out of some systems like SAP, 1Nav)
  • Ensuring correct linkage of new data (source, destination, GOT lanes, carriers, 3rd parties)
  • Populate the master data sheet. Validation for data errors and correct where required
  • Management of change control with different user groups
  • Communication of changes to the business, if possible person could also do some further data checks on the ocean freight control tower platform related to optimisation work but this would be only when time allows it when the masterdata process is further optimised



Attention to detail, good skills in MS Excel and being able to handle and connect large datadumps from commercial, MARS ERP and business units into useful masterdata to be used in an ocean freight control tower platform, fluent in English, ideally higher education or proven results in data driven jobs in the past


Temporary contract via Nutri-akt until end of 2022

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