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Permanent and temporary job? Nutri-akt finds the best match!
The need for well-trained, specialist personnel within the food industry is large and diverse. Whether you need to fill temporary, permanent or interim vacancies, we always have the right solution.
  • Temporary staffing: Flexible solutions for temporary jobs, such as absorbing peaks in business, and providing cover in the event of sickness or pregnancy. We also cover project-based vacancies, product promotions, trade booth staffing, etc.
  • Executive search: Considered solutions for permanent employment.
  • Interim solutions: Ideally suited for project-based and temporary jobs by using experienced professionals.

Unique pool of candidates
Nutri-akt’s pool of candidates is unique. We have already successfully brought many candidates and organisations together, in part thanks to the size and relevance of our pool.

Companies are increasingly looking beyond national borders when seeking to fill vacancies. Successful recruitment in this area has already been achieved through our international networks and foreign partners.

Food professionals  
Nutri-akt’s consultants are motivated professionals who are members of networking organisations and who regularly attend congresses and training courses. They are also active in projects that seek to find strategic solutions for labour market issues. A good example of this is our participation in the Human Capital Roadmap Food & Nutrition steering group.